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Renewable Energy

Don’t Let Wind Energy Stall

By David Hochschild and Nancy Rader Special to The Bee As wind energy achieves a historic milestone – surpassing the total capacity of hydropower dams to become the nation’s largest renewable energy resource – many of California’s pioneer wind projects are in danger of shutting down. Instead, California should promote …

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California Partners with Federal Government on Offshore Wind

Join the live webcast of the California Energy Commission’s April 13 meeting on offshore wind issues in San Luis Obispo at 6pm: Live webcast address:http://cal-span.org/unipage/index.php?site=slo-span&meeting=1918&owner=SM&point=SLOC Live audio-only webcast address:http://cal-span.org/radio.php?site=cal-span&owner=SM Offshore wind is a newcomer to the renewable energy discussion in California, with two agencies – the California Energy Commission and …

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California Energy Commission Report Highlights Accomplishments

California’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase renewable energy garner attention from around the world, and the accomplishments of the California Energy Commission gain some of the spotlight. The Energy Commission, which is the state’s primary energy policy and planning agency, produced the 2016 California Energy Commission Accomplishments …

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Renewable Energy Report a Tool for Future Planning

How can large-scale renewable energy help California meet its renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission goals? That was the question posed in a multi-agency project called the Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI) 2.0. The plenary report, which was released this week, synthesized existing information and public input. It will serve …

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